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iPad 2 Now Available at Radio Shack Stores

Radio Shack is the latest retailer to offer Apple's iPad 2 and launches the device today at 500 stores nationwide. Pricing will be identical to Apple and other retailers including Best Buy, Wal-Mart and Target. The company plans to announce which stores have the iPad 2 in stock online.

Radio Shack iPad 2 launch

Those interested in purchasing an iPad 2 at Radio Shack can also call their local stores to see if the device is in stock. Supplies are limited and roughly 2,000 Radio Shack locations will not have the tablet initially. Apple just launched the iPad 2 internationally and lists shipping times of 3-4 weeks on the Apple Store online.

Original iPad Prices Slashed at Verizon Stores

Verizon corporate stores have reduced prices on the Wi-Fi only first generation iPad, offering the 16GB iPad 1 for only $299.99. The news comes as AT&T continues to slash prices on the iPad 3G and has already sold out of the 32GB model online. Retailers are clearly trying to unload old inventory as iPad 2 supplies slowly increase across the country.

Apple original iPad Verizon discounts

Verizon Wireless began offering the Wi-Fi only iPad along with a MiFi data bundle late last year. According to reports, no contract is required to take advantage of the new pricing, and the deal is available in corporate stores nationwide.

Original iPad 3G Prices Drop Again at AT&T

UPDATE: For the time being, the 16GB WiFi + 3G is back in stock at AT&T's online store, the 32GB remains sold out.

The AT&T Mobility online store has dropped prices again on the first-generation iPad 3G + Wi-Fi. The 32GB model already sold out, and now a 64GB iPad can be bought new for just $529 contract-free. This is a full $300 off the original price, a steep 36 percent discount for those who don't feel like doing the math.

AT&T steep discounts iPad 3G original

Apple has not followed suit, holding prices at just $100 off the original selling price. AT&T is offering the 16GB iPad for $429, less than the Wi-Fi only model entry level pricing at launch. Refurbished iPads can be purchased from Apple for even less.

iPad 2 Availability Limited as Demand Soars

Apple is having a hard time keeping the iPad 2 in stock as lines continue to form outside of retail stores and shipping times for online orders are pushed back. Some Apple stores received additional shipments this morning, only to have them sell out in a matter of hours.

Shipping times for online orders of the iPad 2 on the Apple website have been extended to 4-5 weeks. In contrast, accessories such as the Digital AV Adapter and some colors of the Smart Cover ship in three days or less. Apple originally estimated shipping times of 3-5 days, however within hours of the launch on March 11 the company had revised times to 2-3 weeks.

Apple Moving iPad 3 Release Date to Fall 2011?

Most of the rumors we hear lately revolve around the upcoming release of the iPad 2. Now it seems that Apple may have a plan in the works to accelerate the iPad release schedule starting with a third generation tablet this fall. A pre-holiday release for the iPad 3 would align the device with the current iPod touch annual refresh.

Apple iPad 3 Fall 2011 holiday release

Speculation and inside information from multiple sources including TechCrunch and Daring Fireball point to Apple's release schedule changing to insure competitors to the iPad don't have any time to gain a foothold in the market. The Wall Street Journal has confirmed the iPad 2 is already in production at Foxconn, although an announcement of the updated hardware has yet to arrive.

Apple Offering Deals on Certified Refurbished iPads

Want to buy an iPad on the cheap? Apple is offering what they call a special limited time price on some certified refurbished iPads purchased through the Apple Store online. All iPad models are represented except the 32GB Wi-Fi only version.

Apple iPad certified refurbished cheap

Savings on these iPads ranges from 7 to 14 percent off the retail price of a brand new iPad. The best deal is $100 off a refurbished 64GB Wi-Fi only iPad, which puts the cost at $599. Availability is limited, however Apple guarantees your product as soon as full payment is received.

Apple Tops North American Mobile PC Sales With iPad

The numbers are in and Apple has scored big sales gains in the third quarter of 2010. DisplaySearch researched the top selling mobile personal computers, and when the iPad is grouped with netbooks, notebooks and competing tablets, Apple dominates mobile PC sales in North America.

Apple iPad Mobile Computer Market Share

Apple ranks third globally in the same segment, with only HP and Acer beating the company by roughly three million units. In total, Apple shipped 6.3 million units during the third quarter of 2010 for a 12.4 percent market share.

Verizon iPad Bundle Saves on MiFi Data

Now that Verizon Wireless will start selling the iPad next week, subscribers can take advantage of special data rates on the company's 3G cellular data network. In order to qualify for the special month-to-month data plans, Verizon customers must purchase the iPad and MiFi promotional bundle. Those who already have MiFi units will not be eligible for the iPad data plans.

Apple iPad MiFi Verizon Wireless

The MiFi creates a portable Wi-Fi hotspot wherever Verizon's cellular data network has service, and can be powered via USB or with the included four-hour lithium battery. Up to five Wi-Fi devices can be connected to the MiFi within 25 feet of the device. Verizon will sell the Wi-Fi only version of the Apple iPad since the iPad 3G hardware is only compatible with the AT&T network.

Target iPad Sales Confirmed for October 3

Now consumers will have a choice of three retail outlets in the US when they look to purchase an iPad this fall. Photos of a Target retail PDA that were sent to Engadget have been confirmed by a press conference announcement from the company. Target will carry all six current iPad models starting on Sunday, October 3.

Apple iPad Sales Target Launch

Walmart now has its eyes set on the Apple tablet and hopes to carry the device by the end of 2010. Maybe they'll even knock a few dollars off the price to compete. When it comes to Target, the iPad will be situated in the Digital Audio section of the store, alongside Amazon's Kindle ebook reader.

iPad Probably Coming to a Target Near You

File this one in the likely but not confirmed category. Photos of a Target retail PDA were sent to Engadget, showing new items purportedly for sale starting on October 3. The items are classified under "Digital Audio," which is the same category as iPods and e-readers like the Amazon Kindle.

Apple iPad Retail Sales at Target


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