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Apple Sets a Lifetime Limit on iPad Purchases

Most people are aware that Apple limits iPad purchases to two (2) units per customer. What you might not realize is that Apple Stores have a lifetime limit on iPad purchases, as one consumer found out the hard way.

Apple Store iPad Lifetime Limit

A medical student reported on his blog titled Protocol Snow that he purchased iPads for some fellow members of the NeoGAF gaming forum living overseas. His local Apple Store had plenty of units in stock, and he went there on several different occasions to pick up two iPads at a time.

Apple Shifts iPad Shipping Dates Again

iPad fans who haven't yet landed a device will have some revised wait times until their unit ships. The good news is that if your order for a 3G model was in last week, Apple has officially confirmed your iPad will arrive on April 30.

Apple iPhone iPad side view

Those ordering a Wi-Fi only model can expect to wait 5-7 business days until their magical tablet hits the doorstep. As inventory supplies change and Apple gears up to launch the iPad pre-order internationally on May 10, the company is shifting dates accordingly.

Apple iPad Stokes International News Furor

Apple has yet to officially sell a single iPad outside the US, but the international news buzz escalates every day. The week started out with Apple itself announcing a pre-order date of May 10 for the iPad in selected countries. Shipping was postponed twice due to inventory shortages and heavy US demand.

Apple iPhone Earth

Some overseas Apple fans refused to wait, exporting US iPads and ordering from the grey market online. Although the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) determined that iPads can stay in their bags during screening, Israeli customs agents took a different tack. iPads entering Israel are subject to confiscation.

iPad Sales Announced, New OS Coming This Fall

At today's iPhone 4 keynote speech, Steve Jobs announced that Apple has sold 450,000 iPads since launch day as of April 8. Those sales resulted in 600,000 iBooks downloads and no less than 3.5 million iPad application downloads to date. Not bad for less than a week.

Apple iPad iPhone 4.0

In the US, Apple's share of mobile browser usage (Mobile Safari running in iPhone OS) totals 64 percent. The next closest competitor is Android OS with 19 percent, and BlackBerry comes in third with a 9 percent total. Apple has sold a total of 50 million iPhones and an additional 35 million iPod Touch devices, all running iPhone OS.

Best Buy: No More iPads in Stock

Retailer Best Buy is sold out of the Apple iPad. For those looking to purchase the device at one of the 673 stores with Apple shops, the company expects a replenishment of iPads on Sunday, April 11. Best Buy stores are said to have launched the iPad on April 3rd with only five of each iPad model in stock, a total of 15 per store.

ipad best buy sold out

The Apple Store has no such inventory problems to date. Pre-ordering online for the iPad Wi-Fi + 3G model is still open, although a ship date for the cellular data-capable model has not been announced by Apple. The model is scheduled to be delivered in "late April" and it's unclear whether or not Best Buy will have these in stock immediately.

Will the iPad Launch Internationally April 24th?

Rumors are flying of an April 24 ship date for Apple's iPad in Canada. If the company follows the same pattern it did in the US, that could mean pre-ordering for the Canadian market starting three weeks earlier, on April 2 to be exact.

The iPad in Canada reports that Apple employees have been given a "black out period" for the weekend of April 24, meaning that no retail workers can expect to take off that weekend. That would suggest a special event at Apple stores is on the horizon.

Best Buy to Release Limited iPad Inventory on April 3 at 9 AM

Looking to avoid lines at the Apple Store on April 3rd? Apple has confirmed that Best Buy will carry all three Wi-Fi only models in "most" of its stores starting at 9 am. Unfortunately, TUAW found out that inventory will be limited to only 15 units per store, with each model equally represented in stock. This means that only 5 of each iPad will be available at each store.

ipad best buy april 3

The 9 am release time means that Best Buy stores will not open early for the event. Best Buy's website has no mention of the iPad as of this writing and the device will not be available for online ordering from the company at this time. As for which Best Buy stores will actually have 15 iPads in stock, those labeled as Apple Solutions Consultants (ASC) and “Apple Shops” will have the device and accessories.

Apple iPad Sales Already Beating iPhone and Kindle?

Reports have leaked that Apple's iPad pre-order and reservation count is on track to surpass the number of original iPhones sold in the first three months of release. The Wall Street Journal claims sources have told them "hundreds of thousands of units" have already been reserved or sold. Analysts have predicted that Apple could sell one million iPads by mid-April.

If the numbers are correct, this makes the iPad the most successful electronic reader ever launched. Amazon's Kindle took months to sell an equivalent number of units. Apple, meanwhile is furiously negotiating deals with publishers of magazines, newspapers and textbooks as well as proposing to reduce prices on TV shows in iTunes to 99 cents.

iPad Sales Estimated at 91,000 Units in Six Hours

The numbers may not be official, however AAPL Sanity members at Investor Village have been tracking iPad pre-order numbers issued by Apple to get a handle on sales. Turns out approximately 91,000 iPads were ordered during the six hours after pre-ordering began.

Apple Store NYC

Apple offered pre-orders for shipping or in-store pickup on April 3 starting at 8:30 AM EST. Initially, sequential order numbers adjusted for "normal" Apple sales were indicating a sales clip of 25,000 units per hour.


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