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Dolphin Web Browser Improves the iPad Experience

The world's first gesture browser is finally here for the iPad and iPad 2. Gesture browsing is just one of the cool features included in this free App Store application by developer MoboTap. First off, Dolphin Browser HD is optimized for iPads running iOS 3.2 or later. An extensive list of features makes Dolphin a much better browsing experience than the stock Mobile Safari.

iPad Dolphin Browser HD

To start with, gesture browsing is almost like having your favorite bookmarks available with one touch. Tapping a single button and swiping a pre-recorded gesture immediately brings you to the associated URL. You can even add your own gestures to make shortcuts to commonly used commands such as forward and back.

Adobe Flash Video Coming to iPads and iPhones

Adobe has announced new solutions for content providers that will make it possible to stream Flash video content to iOS devices. The advantage is that the media server will detect what type of mobile device is accessing content and deliver it automatically in a compatible format.

Apple iPad Adobe Flash

When it comes to the iPad, this format is Apple's HTTP Live Streaming (HLS). Actual Flash software will never officially make it onto an iOS device, and Adobe is anxious to stem the flow of companies ditching Flash for HTML5. With Adobe's Flash Media Server 4.5 content providers can deliver Flash content to various mobile devices including iPads and iPhones using the same content stream.

Skype App for the Apple iPad is Finally Here

Skype has released the first version of its free iPad application on the App Store. Unlike the iPhone software which is already in its third iteration, Skype on the iPad has garnered mixed reviews. The company initially launched the app on Monday, however it was pulled down and re-released Tuesday after some minor fixes.

Skype free iPad app

The Skype app weighs in at 16 MB and requires iOS 4.0 or later for operation. Although original iPad users can run the app, video can only be received on the device due to the lack of a built-in camera. iPad 2 users will be able to chat with video up to 1280 x 720 pixel resolution at 30 frames per second.

StumbleUpon iPad App Gets Major Redesign

StumbleUpon has completely redesigned and rebuilt their iPad application for an improved experience on Apple's tablet hardware. Now available on iTunes, the revised software features a new Social Bar which makes it easier to see which user submitted the current content.

StumbleUpon iPad iOS application

Visiting a user's profile is much simpler with Social Bar, and StumbleUpon has integrated the touch screen into its new app to make stumbling and commenting instant and more intuitive. While swiping through stumbles, the application automatically loads the next page while you read. This cuts down on loading delays while flipping through content.

Jailbreak iPad Runs Multiple iPhone Apps on One Screen

If you're running iOS 4.x on your iPad, you already know the device can multitask. Now jailbreak app developer Aaron Ash is taking the concept to a new level and developing software to do what some iPad owners never thought was possible. His software runs multiple iPhone applications on the same iPad screen at the same time.

polyonix app Cydia jailbreak iPad

As the screenshot above shows, he was able to successfully play two games of Angry Birds at the same time. Three iPhone apps can run simultaneously, but the current version of his software crashes when four apps are opened. The app could eventually make its way into the Cydia jailbreak app store and is currently named Polyonix.

HP TouchPad Getting Facebook App Before iPad?

Leaked photos posted on TechCrunch look suspiciously like an official Facebook app running on the upcoming HP TouchPad. This will come as a surprise to iPad owners, who have been waiting for their own Facebook app to complement the iPhone version already available on the App Store. Recent reports indicate an official Facebook iPad app is coming in a matter of weeks, however a release date has not been announced.

Facebook app HP TouchPad

The iPad software is said to be in its final testing stages, with a slick new design optimized for the iPad touch screen and cameras. The HP TouchPad is slated to ship with its own Facebook application this Friday, pictured above. This gives the WebOS tablet a lead over the iPad in at least one arena.

Friskies Launches Free iPad Games-- For Cats

As if your cats don't have enough toys, cat food maker Friskies has used the latest in cat behavioral research to create iPad games tailored to your pets. Now cats everywhere can scratch up your iPad cover and leave paw prints on your new Apple tablet in a quest to hunt virtual fish.

iPad Games for Cats

Three games in all have been released in web-app form at the site Games for Cats, which are all essentially variations on a theme. Brightly colored object floats around the iPad screen until the cat touches the object, it then disappears or breaks up into several other objects. The games actually keep score and add points every time an object is successfully batted by your feline friend.

Will the Third Generation iPad be the iPad 3D?

A convergence of technologies is bringing 3G imaging to a variety of consumer electronics including digital cameras and HD televisions. In many cases, these new displays don't require any cheesy glasses to render an image with depth. We've already seen researchers use the front camera of the iPad 2 to create a three-dimensional illusion, pictured below.

3D iPad head tracking front camera

They plan to release an app that will showcase this method of displaying 3D, which relies on head tracking software. Other methods of displaying 3D used in some devices rely on specialized displays. According to a recent report featured in PC Magazine, the iPad 3 could be next in line to receive the 3D treatment.

Adobe Launches iPad Apps With Creative Suite 5.5

More Adobe products are coming soon to the App Store, this time iPad applications designed to work in tandem with Photoshop in the latest Creative Suite (CS), version 5.5. The three apps are Adobe Color Lava, Adobe Eazel and Adobe Nav, enabling designers to operate Photoshop tools directly from their iPads.

Adobe CS5.5 iPad support

A Photoshop Touch Software Development Kit (SDK) has also been announced by Adobe, providing developers with the ability to create their own iOS, Android and BlackBerry Tablet OS applications that interact with Photoshop on desktop computers. In addition to the iPad apps, Adobe is emphasizing that CS 5.5 makes it easy to design for any screen size, with a focus on the mobile space.

Oracle Business Intelligence Update Supports iPad

Oracle's latest Business Intelligence (BI) software has added support for Apple's iPad. Users with the tablet can use a full range of BI features including generating actions and kicking off workflows directly on the touch screen. According to Oracle, access to the complete range of alert, ad hoc analysis, dashboard, reporting, scorecard and what-if analysis content is provided on the iPad.

Oracle adds iPad support mobile BI

Even unified relational OLAP (R-OLAP) and multidimensional OLAP (M-OLAP) content is accessible thanks to the software update. There's no need to rewrite existing dashboards or reports to view BI content on the iOS tablet. Oracle explains that secure mobile access via the iPad can help provide organizational insight and alignment on-the-go, reducing the time needed to make decisions.


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