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Unannounced iPad Features Revealed in SDK

Apple could have kept a few things under wraps until the iPad actually hits shelves beginning next month. The iPhone OS 3.2 SDK (Software Development Kit) has a few features Steve Jobs neglected to announce that could make their way onto the first generation iPad.

One discovery that received quite a bit of attention was the fact that support exists in the iPad OS for a camera. Speculation on this front has been rampant, with some reports suggesting that Apple will wait until the second generation iPad to add a front facing webcam.

iPad Will Support 3G VoIP Calling

It's official: Apple and AT&T will allow VoIP calls over the 3G network, presumably using an iPad or an iPhone. We knew the iPad included a microphone and speaker, however the big news regarding VoIP was revealed in the iPhone OS 3.2 SDK (Software Development Kit) released by Apple yesterday.

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) makes it possible to use services like Skype to make voice calls over the Internet. AT&T and Apple have restricted VoIP applications on the iPhone to Wi-Fi in the past. Now developers are free to develop applications with this capability over the 3G cellular network.

iBookstore Will Only Launch in US

The iPad is tackling the electronic book market with Apple bringing a brand new content store online, the iBookstore. Titles can be previewed, purchased and read immediately using the iPad-specific application iBooks.

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This is great for iPad users in the United States, however it will take some time for the iBookstore to come online in other countries. Problem is that Apple needs to make deals with publishers to offer local content in conformance with local copyright laws.


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