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iPad Firmware Update iOS 4.2 Beta Includes Tethering

Most people think of Internet tethering as something they have running on another device such as an iPhone to provide Wi-Fi to their iPads. Developers checking out the latest iOS 4.2 beta have found that Apple has now included the feature on iPads, allowing the iPad to share an Internet connection with other devices.

Apple iPad iOS 4.2 Internet Tethering Wi-Fi

The discovery was made on iPads outside of the United States, with screenshots posted from two different wireless carriers in Europe; one in the UK and the other in Sweden. It's not clear if Apple plans to launch the feature in the final public release of iOS 4.2 coming to the iPad in November.

Can I tether the iPad to my iPhone for data?

According to reports, Steve Jobs himself has said there will be no tethering. This means users with iPhone unlimited data plans will not be able to use this data plan on the iPad.

AT&T has yet to announce any tethering data plan for the iPhone in the US, although tethering is available with other carriers abroad. Tethering allows a computer to use the iPhone's cellular data connection to access the Internet.

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