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Google Launches YouTube Capture for the iPad

Google has brought its crusade against Vertical Video Syndrome to tablets by adding iPad support to its YouTube Capture app. The app, which was originally launched for the iPhone in December, is a quicker and easier way to capture videos and directly upload them to YouTube. The app requires that users hold their device in a horizontal position to work, in a effort to cut down on the amount of annoying vertical videos being uploaded to the internet.

Google iOS Apps

Users can now use the app to record and simultaneously upload video to YouTube, Google+, Facebook, and Twitter from their iPads and iPad minis. The app also allows users to set preferences for automatic color correction, video stabilization and location services.

Adobe Flash Video Coming to iPads and iPhones

Adobe has announced new solutions for content providers that will make it possible to stream Flash video content to iOS devices. The advantage is that the media server will detect what type of mobile device is accessing content and deliver it automatically in a compatible format.

Apple iPad Adobe Flash

When it comes to the iPad, this format is Apple's HTTP Live Streaming (HLS). Actual Flash software will never officially make it onto an iOS device, and Adobe is anxious to stem the flow of companies ditching Flash for HTML5. With Adobe's Flash Media Server 4.5 content providers can deliver Flash content to various mobile devices including iPads and iPhones using the same content stream.

Streaming Video App HBO GO Now Available on iPad and iPhone

The latest streaming video application for Apple iOS brings premium HBO content directly to mobile devices. Dubbed HBO GO, the app features access to HBO original television shows and new release movies for existing HBO subscribers. The only catch is that your cable provider must also participate in the service.

HBO GO iOS application streaming

Current shows including True Blood and Boardwalk Empire are joined by older series such as Deadwood and the Sopranos. Besides every full episode for each original series, HBO GO provides access to extras and bonus features like behind-the-scenes specials.

Apple Digital AV Adapter Brings HDMI Output to Original iPad

iPad owners will be happy to know that the Digital AV Adapter announced with the iPad 2 also works with the first generation iPad. This simple cable adds HDMI output to the tablets via the 30-pin dock connector port. Some were disappointed when the original iPad was revealed to lack HDMI output in January of last year.

Apple Digital AV Adapter HDMI output iPad

Apple did offer the Dock Connector to VGA Adapter, which made it possible to feed 1024 x 768 resolution (4:3 aspect) video to an external device. This accessory is geared towards those making presentations on projectors and the like.

Which iPad apps support HDMI video out on the Digital AV Adapter?

The iPad 2 will support full video mirroring with the Digital AV Adapter. This means that anything you see on the iPad 2 screen you will see on your HDMI connected HDTV or other device.

The original iPad also supports HDMI out, but without full video mirroring. Apple has restricted video out to the following list of applications on the original iPad:

Photos - Slideshow playback only
Safari - Video content on webpages

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Will the Digital AV Adapter work with the original iPad (iPad 1)?

Yes, the Digital AV Adapter announced with the iPad 2 will work with the original iPad. However, not all features of the adapter will operate with the original iPad.

Video mirroring will only function with the iPad 2, and the iPad 2 will support up to 1080p resolution HD video. The original iPad will only output 720p HD video using the Digital AV Adapter.

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Is my Slingbox compatible with the iPad?

You may be wondering if your Slingbox will stream video using the SlingPlayer Mobile for iPad app. Before you spend $29.99 on the app, check the recommended configuration:

1. SlingPlayer Mobile for iPad 1.0
2. iPad running iOS 4.1 or later
3. Slingbox SOLO with version 2.1.110 or later firmware OR Slingbox PRO-HD with version 2.1.80 or later firmware

[Sling Media: How to upgrade your Slingbox firmware]

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DISH Network iPad App Streams TV With Sling

DISH Remote Access for iPad makes it possible for DISH subscribers to watch streaming live and recorded television from anywhere. The app includes a searchable program guide, full-featured DVR manager, and a virtual remote control. Recordings can be scheduled, watched, and deleted entirely on-the-go.

Apple iPad application DISH network Remote Access streaming TV DVR

DISH Remote Access 2.2.88 was released in the App Store on November 30 for free. In order to work, the app requires iOS 4.2 and some supplemental hardware connected to your DISH Network receiver.


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