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Stream Live Television Free on Your iPad

Now all you need to watch live television on your iPad is to open the Safari web browser. A new service called FilmOn makes it possible to watch broadcast stations on iPads and other Apple iOS devices from anywhere. NBC, ABC, Fox, CBS and others are just some of the stations accessible through the web site, FilmOn.com. Some stations can also be watched on your computer's web browser or with an application download.

Apple iPad Live HD Television Film On

No app is required on the iPad. Local stations from Los Angeles are currently available entirely for free. Right now the streaming web video service charges a $9.95 monthly subscription fee to unlock additional stations. The networks are suing, of course.

Hulu Plus Service Coming to Apple iPad

Hulu's long-awaited iPad app and premium subscription service is becoming a reality in the coming months. The service will launch by invitation only for starters, and later will be expanded to the general public and to cover more devices including the Xbox 360 and PS3. The streaming video subscription to Hulu Plus runs $9.99 per month.

Apple iPad Hulu App Television

This provides access to thousands of streaming television shows including complete seasons and historic reruns from the 80s and 90s. Users can sign up for the invitation only phase and the Hulu iPad app will be launched in the App Store. There are several shows available free of charge in the Hulu app and reviews so far on video quality are positive.

The iPad is Really Magical After All

Apple CEO Steve Jobs may think the iPad is a "truly magical and revolutionary product," but we bet he didn't expect birds to fly out of his tablet computer. Shinya, otherwise known as "Salary Magician" demonstrates his latest performance on a street corner in Japan.

With entertaining animations and some carefully timed prestidigitation, Shinya demonstrates a brand new use for the iPad: magician's assistant. It might have been even more interesting to see him cut the iPad in half on a stage, however these tricks are worth a watch.

How much data does the ABC Player app use on the iPad 3G?

ABC Player streams video when connected to a 3G cellular data network. We ran an independent test to see exactly how much bandwidth the ABC application would require.

The latest episode of a television show was selected as soon as the full menu loaded after starting the ABC app. Streaming video totaling 21:24 minutes (not including advertisements) was played continuously during the episode.

ABC Player data usage results:

Sent: 1.2 MB
Received: 49 MB

Total: 50.2 MB

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Netflix iPad App Now Supports Video Out

Apple's iPad dock connector to VGA adapter just became more useful. Netflix has issued an update to its popular video streaming application that adds the software to a list of apps permitted to send video through the adapter to other screens.

Apple iPad Netflix app

Video coming out of a VGA, component, or composite iPad dongle can be hooked up to an external monitor, video projector, or television. Maximum resolution of the picture is 1024 x 768 using the optional $29 dock connector to VGA adapter.

Boxee Streaming TV App Coming to iPad

Boxee CEO Avner Ronen confirmed that his company will be bringing a Boxee application to the Apple iPad. The news hit after Boxee posted a job opening in their New York office titled "Lead iPad and iPhone App Developer." Currently, Boxee distributes a remote control app for the iPhone that allows users to control a computer running Boxee over Wi-Fi.

Apple iPad Boxee App

A full-fledged Boxee app would bring streaming television shows and other video content directly to iPad screens. In an interview with Beet.TV Ronen stated, "We are big believers in the tablet form factor and we think we should make Boxee available not just on TV but on other devices as well."

How much data does Netflix streaming video use on the iPad 3G?

Netflix streams movies and television shows to subscribers when connected to a 3G cellular data network. We ran an independent test to see exactly how much bandwidth the Netflix application would require.

Netflix was started up and one streaming TV show was immediately selected from the instant queue. Video was played continuously over the course of 31:36 minutes.

Netflix data usage results:

Sent: 3.2 MB
Received: 140 MB

Total: 143.2 MB

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Hulu Plus Subscription Service Coming to iPad?

Next month looks like it could be prime time for television shows on the Apple iPad. Hulu is forging ahead with its plans to add a subscription service to the free ad-supported content it now serves. Although the site is currently Flash-based, reports have indicated the company is moving to a more iPad friendly video format.

Apple iPad Hulu App Television

Now reports from the LA Times indicate that Hulu intends to release its subscription service in just over a month, on May 24. The newspaper cited people who have knowledge of the plans, although the company declined to comment. Hulu will not abandon free content, as the company plans to offer the five most recent episodes of shows outside of the subscription wall.

Can I watch Vimeo videos on the iPad?

Yes, you can watch vimeo videos on your iPad, but not without exception.

Vimeo announced in January that it was releasing a beta version of an HTML5-based player as an alternative to its Adobe Flash based player.

Vimeo states that approximately 90% of its videos from the last year or so are available via the HTML5 player.

The HTML5 version of video comes is not without its pros and cons, however.


  • no-wait loading, player loads instantly
  • jump anywhere in the video without waiting for buffer to fill
  • smoother playback
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Which iPad apps support video out on the Dock Connector to VGA Adapter?

So you can't get the Dock Connector to VGA Adapter working with your Apple iPad? The reason could be that Apple has restricted video out to the following limited list of apps:

Photos - Slideshow playback only
Safari - Video content on webpages

These are the only native apps that are currently supported in conjunction with the VGA accessory cable.

UPDATE: Netflix supports video out

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