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New App Helps Holiday Shoppers Locate Hard to Find Items

Online scalpers are already taking advantage of holiday shoppers by offering sold out items such as the Nintendo Wii U and Call of Duty: Black Ops II Care Package for double the price on Amazon and eBay. The new shopping app whohas.it not only helps holiday shoppers avoid paying too much for popular gifts, but it also eases holiday shopping headaches by allowing consumers to easily obtain sold out or pre-release items.

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Shoppers who are tired of running store to store in search of sold out items can now use the whohas.it app to do all the hard work for them. The app and website monitors thousands of web pages and retailer databases for product availability, and sends realtime notifications or email alerts to users when a product becomes available for pre-order or purchase. Users can use the app to track and compare prices for a variety of items like the rare Cotton Candy Furby, Skylanders Giants: Character Packs , cameras, electronics and more.

Free iPad Games: Survival Run with Bear Grylls

Man vs. Wild fans can reconnect with reality TV star Bear Grylls thanks to his new iPad app Survival Run.

Grylls is known for recreating survival scenarios on his popular Discovery Channel TV show. He was let go by the newtwork in March of 2012 after "a continuing contractual dispute." The British TV adventurer also became a popular internet meme after drinking his own urine in 2010.

Free iPad Games

The new universal iOS app from F84 Games allows users to control Grylls as he is being chased by a relentless grizzly bear. Users must swipe left, right, down or up to avoid random obstacles as they run away from the wild beast. Man vs. Wild fans will enjoy the many Grylls sound bytes included in the game.

There are also seven Bear Grylls characters to unlock, rescue choppers, power paragliders, jetpacks and so on. The game features "high quality 3D graphics", Game Center support, and promises future updates.

Belfry Tweak Adds Native iPhone Apps to Jailbroken iPads

You've already jailbroken your iPad 2 using pod2g's exploit, but what should you do with it now? For starters you can add basic iPhone apps that Apple didn't include with their tablets for some unknown reason.

iPad 2 Jailbreak iOS 5.0.1

iOS developer Ryan Petrich's Belfry tweak allows you to add Clock, Voice Memos, Stocks, Calculator, Compass and Weather to the iPad. Both the Clock and Stock apps work with the iPad's native resolution, but the rest must be zoomed in to work better with its display.

New App Allows You to Save and Watch Flash Videos on Your iPad [Video]

Do you want to watch Flash video content on your iOS device, but want to keep using Safari as your browser? Skyfire has launched VideoQ, an app that allows you to continue to use Safari, while giving you the option to save and watch videos that it won't play.

iPad Adobe Flash

VideoQ is pretty easy, all you have to do is download the app from the iTunes Store and register your e-mail address. Once activated, you can save videos by e-mailing the link to Video@skyfire.com. This will save the video in your personal video queue so you can watch it later.

Hidden Facebook App For the iPad Discovered

I guess the updated Facebook app for the iPhone wasn't as pointless as everyone thought. TechCunch discovered a hidden code in version 3.4.4 of the iPhone app, a code for something that people have been waiting a long time for. The Facebook iPad app!



Is it any good? The tech blog says the app is "very good" and that the navigation system is "great." The iPad app uses overlay menus and a left-side navigation system to let you chat with your friends, or do whatever you do on Facebook, with just the poke of a button and swipe of your finger. However, just like the iPhone, game access is nonexistent on the iPad app.

The best part is that the app is executable on jailbroken devices.

RetinaPad Boosts Resolution for 2x iPhone Apps on iPad

The ability to run iPhone apps on the iPad is great except for one thing, in full-screen mode (2x) they appear pixelated. If your iPad is jailbroken and you're tired of seeing blocky text RetinaPad is the answer. This tweak will enable Retina display mode for compatible iPhone apps, clearing up the graphics on your iPad screen.

RetinaPad 2x iPhone app tweak

iPhone apps designed for the iPhone 4 Retina display have increased resolution for compatibility with the newer screen, but also run in a lower resolution mode on older models like the iPhone 3GS. By default the iPad and iPad 2 run all iPhone applications in lower resolution mode, leaving the 2x display blurry.

AP Developing Subscription iPad App

The Associated Press (AP) announced a new business unit dubbed AP Gateway would take over the development of AP products and content distribution for mobile devices. The company is putting the finishing touches on an iPad application to be ready for release when the iPad ships in late March.

iPad app AP news reader subscription

Pricing for the AP app was not announced, although the company suggested it could be released free of charge for a limited time. The AP Mobile iPhone application is currently free and provides access to over 1,000 news sources updated in real time.

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