Time Warner's TWCable TV App Not Jailbreak Friendly?

If you are one of the many iPad owners who downloaded JailbreakMe 3.0 yesterday, you may discover that Time Warner's TWCable TV app is not jailbreak friendly.

According to Engadget, freedom loving iPad owners who are trying to access the TWCable TV app are receiving an error message that says it does not support "jailbroken" devices.

Jailbreak 3.0 TWCable TV app error message

What should you do? It looks like you will have to decide what you love more; The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills or Jailbreak. You can restore your device to its factory settings, find a Jailbreak friendly way to stream movies and TV shows to your iPad, or watch TV the old fashioned way.

Comex to Release JailbreakMe.com iPad 2 Jailbreak July 4 or 5?

Most of you have heard by now that Comex's iPad 2 jailbreak was leaked on Saturday morning. We originally thought a private beta tester leaked an early version of the jailbreak on YouTube, but that isn't entirely true. Here's the entire story:

On June 11 the hacker known as Comex published a picture of a ski run labeled "PDF" on jailbreakme.com. We assumed it was a reference to the iPad and iPhone root password 'alpine' and the discovery of a new PDF exploit.

iPad 2 Jailbreak

Our suspicions were confirmed on June 19 when Comex tweeted that he was "diligently" working on an iPad 2 jailbreak, followed by a long explanation posted on Twitlonger. A few days later Comex said he was running behind and that a rumored July 17 release date was untrue.

On Saturday, July 1st a video and image of Cydia 1.1.2 running on an iPad 2 flooded the internet. The leak was later confirmed to be real by several sources. Comex responded to the news by claiming someone had used a dictionary attack to release a "buggy" version of the jailbreak putting him on a "useless time limit."

iPad 2 Jailbreak Confirmed

Last week we guessed that the hacker known as Comex was working on an iPad 2 jailbreak based on a teaser image he posted on Twitter. Today, the iPhone Dev-Team tweeted that they're "diligently working on both the iPad 2 jailbreak and lots of other exciting projects."

Cydia iPad 2

It's unknown what other projects they're currently working on, but Comex posted details about the upcoming iPad jailbreak on Twitlonger. Check out his long technical explanation below, and prepare yourself for an iPad 2 jailbreak to be released very soon!

iPad 3.2 In-Browser Jailbreak Released

Comex has released JailbreakMe 2.0, which jailbreaks iPads right through the Mobile Safari web browser on the device. No computer is required, and the procedure provides access to Cydia on the iPad home screen so that more applications and utilities can be installed.

Apple iPad Jailbreak

The jailbreak solution can be accessed on two different sites, by just visiting one of these two links directly on the iPad you wish to jailbreak. JailbreakMe 2.0 can be installed using jailbreakme.com or jailbreakme.modmyi.com. After a successful install, a message that Cydia has been added to your home screen appears and the process is complete.

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