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New iPad Games of the Week: Kingdom Rush 3 Announced, Call of Duty: Heroes Beta and More

There were zero noteworthy iPad releases this week but there were a few big game announcements. Ironhide Studios teased a new Kingdom Rush title on its Facebook page on Thursday. Ironhide posted an image with the tagline, "Every Adventure Has a Beginning," hinting that the third game in the series will be a prequel. The post also read, "A new world, a new race, a new ancient evil... Get ready for an awesome overwhelmingly new #KingdomRush game". Kingdom Rush 3 will be available this Fall.

Kingdom Rush 3

The Call of Duty: Heroes beta is now available on the New Zealand and Australian App Stores. The game is a free-to-play strategy title like Clash of Clans. You can download Call of Duty: Heroes now if you have a New Zealand or Australian App Store account.

Best Tower Defense Games for New iPad Owners

If you received a shiny new iPad for the holidays then you're probably looking for the best apps and games to download from the App Store. Tower Defense fans will definitely want to check out Kingdom Rush HD by Armor Games and The Creeps! HD by Super Squawk Software LLC.

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I consider Kingdom Rush to be one of the best Tower Defense games ever created. It is one of the few iOS games that I took the time to beat on every level and earn every achievement. It's just that good!

In Kingdom Rush players must use their soldiers and mages to defend their kingdom against hordes of orcs, trolls and evil wizards. What separates Kingdom Rush from other TD games is the ability to use different abilities, spells and the environment to win each level. Users must choose the best tower combinations and special abilities to take down over 30 unique enemies. Timing, tower placement and utilizing the right tools for each individual situation is also important. The many different strategies, enemies and environments will keep you busy for hours.

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