ModulR Launches New iPad Case Accessories

The modulR iPad case system has two new additions to make your iPad even more versatile and functional on the go. Two different strap designs are now available for $14.99 each. The nodes on the back of modulR's iPad case make it possible to slide and lock the pressure clips at the end of each strap into different configurations. The first strap was first announced with the original product concept design and is made to sling the iPad over a shoulder.

Apple iPad Accessories modulR hand shoulder straps

The shoulder strap can be set up to hang the iPad over one shoulder like a purse for quick access or flipped behind the back like a messenger bag. Thanks to the adjustable strap and pressure clips the iPad can be hung on the shoulder strap in portrait or landscape orientation.

modulR iPad Case System: A First Look (Lots of Photos)

We've been awaiting the arrival of the modulR case system since we first featured it back in late March. modulR is an innovative case system that allows a single iPad case to be used with a variety of accessories to achieve a number of different functions. Coupled with its accessories, the modulR case can function as an iPad stand, an iPad wall mount, an iPad swivel arm mount, and an iPad car mount (though the accessory providing the latter two features aren't yet available).

modulr ipad case system 3a

modulR arrived in our offices late last week, and a busy weekend prevented us from getting a first look until this morning. That said, we got to spend a bit of time with the modulR case, the modulR Quick Stand, and the modulR Slim Mount this morning. We've put together a quick first look for those of you who also have had your interest piqued by the modulR system.

modulR iPad Case System: Pricing Announced

ModulR has launched a new website with pre-order and pricing information on their already popular iPad Case and Accessory System. Not only this, but the company has introduced a new option, the Slim Mount.

modulR iPad System Slim Mount

Pictured here, the Slim Mount is a simple wall mount for the iPad that complements the other options in the modulR iPad system. Less expensive and with no moving parts, the Slim Mount is an alternative to the forthcoming Swing Mount that swivels away from the wall. Slim Mount will be available for pre-order in mid-June for $29.

modulR iPad Case and Accessory System

UPDATE (8/21/2010): You can now view our first look at modulR including a brief overview of the system, and lots of photos.

ModulR's motto is "go anywhere, do anything" for a reason. The modulR iPad Case doesn't only protect the iPad, it actually creates new uses for the device with a system of interlocking parts. The four little feet on the back of the iPad case lock into one of four different accessories made by modulR. Although pricing has not been announced, the product is slated for launch in Summer 2010.

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