How to Play Nintendo Games on Your iOS Device Without Jailbreaking

Up until now only iOS users who were lucky enough to nab emulators like Slider Puzzle or MAME could enjoy playing Nintendo games on their iPad or iPhone, but that has all changed thanks to a new website called webNES. The website allows iOS users to use their Dropbox account to upload NES ROMs to play on their mobile browser. The best part about the website is Apple can't shut it down like it does with emulators uploaded to the App Store.

Galaxy Patrol

WebNES works with both Safari and Chrome, and includes five pre-installed games: Croom, Tetramino, Galaxy Patrol, Fighter F-8000 and BoxBoy. It also features its own on-screen Nintendo controller with D-pad and A / B buttons, so all you will need is your own NES ROMs, and headphones if you want sound.

Do You Have Battletoads for the iPad?

Toad Rider is a new iOS game that looks a lot like the 1991 NES title, and popular internet meme, Battletoads. The game is an endless runner where players must use a "hoverbike" to help Zody the Toad escape a group of evil scientists.

Toad Rider

Toad Rider not only sounds like Tomb Raider, but it heavily draws on the iconic Turbo Tunnel level of the original Battletoads game. In stage 3 of Battletoads, players are also tasked with navigating dangerous obstacles while riding "speeder bikes". The Turbo Tunnel is so notorious for being impossible to navigate that it was highlighted on its own episode of the Angry Video Game Nerd.

iPad Tops Holiday Wish Lists Again, Wii U a Close Second

Kids aged 6 to 12 want an iPad for the holidays more than anything else this year. According to a survey conducted by Nielsen Wire, 48% of kids surveyed said they want an iPad, and 39% want a Nintendo Wii U. Apple's iPod touch and iPad mini tied for third with 36% of the vote, and the iPhone beat out other smartphones, gaming consoles and tablets with 33% of children's interest.

2012 Top Holiday Gifts

While the 4th generation iPad and iPad mini are readily available from Apple and other retailers, the Wii U is largely sold out across the U.S.. Holiday shoppers have been turning to third party sellers, and online tracking services such as to find a Wii U console. Scott Moffitt, executive vice president of marketing at Nintendo of America, said Nintendo is doing everything they can do to ensure the Wii U will be on store shelves this shopping season. However, some are accusing retail stores of hoarding Wii U consoles for Black Friday sales. Either way, it looks like Apple products will be the much easier gifts to find and buy this year.

New App Helps Holiday Shoppers Locate Hard to Find Items

Online scalpers are already taking advantage of holiday shoppers by offering sold out items such as the Nintendo Wii U and Call of Duty: Black Ops II Care Package for double the price on Amazon and eBay. The new shopping app not only helps holiday shoppers avoid paying too much for popular gifts, but it also eases holiday shopping headaches by allowing consumers to easily obtain sold out or pre-release items.

Free iPad App' title=

Shoppers who are tired of running store to store in search of sold out items can now use the app to do all the hard work for them. The app and website monitors thousands of web pages and retailer databases for product availability, and sends realtime notifications or email alerts to users when a product becomes available for pre-order or purchase. Users can use the app to track and compare prices for a variety of items like the rare Cotton Candy Furby, Skylanders Giants: Character Packs , cameras, electronics and more.


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