Proporta Maya II Pouch

Review: Proporta Maya II Sleeve for iPad

Some people like naked iPad use. Who can blame them. Apple did a great job designing this thing. It is quite aesthetically pleasing. It is sleek and thin, just like the commercial says it is. I used to think naked iPad use was a bad idea. Lately, I have softened on that position. I can see the appeal of using it that way. But, unless you are an independently wealthy individual, you want to protect it.

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On a side note, that iPad commercial where the crazy girl is carrying her iPad naked while riding on the back of a scooter drives me crazy. That is totally irresponsible and stupid. I mean she isn't even carrying it with two hands. That sleek and thin aluminum would slide out of her hands. Then it is bye bye to at least $500.00. I mean who is really going to do that? Paris Hilton, one of those Kardashian chicks, or maybe some other annoying woman who has a show on VH1 or something. Well the rest of us who use the iPad naked need a more practical solution.

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