Photos Show iPad Mini Prototype Featured 2 Microphones

Less than a year ago, Apple released the iPad Mini following months of speculation from bloggers and Apple fans regarding the specs of the device. One of the rumors suggested the iPad Mini would have a second microphone located on the rear shell, placed at the top middle.

iPad Mini Prototype

The current generations of the iPhone and iPad all feature a secondary microphone for the purpose of improving the audio pick-up for videos and communicating with Siri. Yet, when the iPad Mini was released, there was no sign of this second microphone. Photos have surfaced of the prototype of the first generation iPad Mini, and looking at it you can clearly see the hole in the shell that was meant for the placement of the microphone.

iPad Mini Engineering Sample Photos Leaked

A model of the upcoming iPad mini has purportedly been photographed and leaked to Gotta Be Mobile. Photos show what the site claims to be an engineering sample, which is a scale model of the device used to improve production processes and test accessories designed for the tablet.

iPad mini nano engineering model

The photos of this plastic mold were delivered to the site by a "trusted source" within Apple's supply chain. According to current reports, production of the iPad mini is scheduled to begin at a Brazilian Foxconn plant in September. With a 7.85-inch display, this new iPad model will be approximately two-thirds the size of the Apple tablets seen to date.

iPad Prototype Sells for $10,200 on eBay

Good thing this iPad comes with free shipping. An eBay listing for an original iPad prototype sold for a cool $10,200 after 23 bids. Aside from 16GB of storage, the unreleased device features two dock connectors.

ebay prototype iPad

At one time, Apple was considering a dock connector for the landscape orientation as well as the mass-produced single connector seen today. Both of the dock connector ports are fully functional on this prototype.

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