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Get a Refurbished iPad Mini with Retina Display

Saving money is smart. Anyone in the market for an iPad mini with Retina display now has the option to get a refurbished unit from Apple at a discounted price. Savings up to 16 percent is possible at the time of this writing, shaving $80 off the normal cost of a 32 GB model.

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While 16 GB versions are currently sold out, the 64 GB iPad mini with Retina display can be had for $90 off retail, saving 15 percent. These discounts put the 32 GB model at $419 and the 64 GB at $509 with free shipping from Apple. Not only this, but the company offers the same one-year warranty on refurbs as it does on brand new hardware.

Save Money With a Refurbished iPad Mini

Refurbished products from Apple can save money while providing the same quality and manufacturer warranty as new iOS devices. Now the iPad mini has appeared for the first time as a refurbished product in the Apple online store. Current available models are 6-7 percent off normal price, for savings of up to $40.

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Stocks vary depending on what hardware is on hand for the refurbishment process. This process entails thorough testing, and the installation of a new battery and new outer shell, ensuring the iPad mini works the same as a completely new tablet. Not only is the device covered by a one-year warranty, but Apple's standard 14-day return policy still applies.

Apple Drops Refurb iPad Prices to New Low

Looking for a deal on the iPad or iPad 2? Bargain hunters can rejoice now that Apple has slashed another $100 off the prices of selected refurbished iPads in the online store. Special limited time prices are the lowest yet, with a 64GB Wi-Fi only original iPad going for just $399.

That's a full $300 off the original retail price. Similarly, the Wi-Fi + 3G iPad with 32GB of storage is running $399, saving $330 off of the price at launch. For an extra $100, you can purchase a 64GB refurbished Wi-Fi + 3G iPad, putting the total at $499. Last year's iPad models aren't the only ones for sale at discount refurbished prices.

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