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Rovio Teams Up With Hasbro to Launch an Angry Birds Transformers Mash-Up Nobody Wanted

Hot on the heels of its free RPG title Angry Birds Epic being released to the App Store, Rovio Entertainment announced today that Angry Birds Transformers is coming soon to iOS devices. The announcement was also made only a few weeks before Michael Bay's fourth movie Transformers: Age of Extinction lands in theaters on June 27.

Angry Birds Transformers

The Birds/Transformers mash-up will include tie-in products and "telepods", just like the last time Rovio teamed up with Hasbro for their Star Wars-themed game. "Telepods" are Skylanders-like interactive toys that players can purchase separately and use to unlock certain characters inside the game. Rovio promises that the game will "appeal to those who grew up with the brand in the 80s," but it is hard to believe many 40-year-old men will be clamoring for Autobird and Deceptihog dolls.

Angry Birds Go Now Available for the iPad and iPhone

Rovio Entertainment's new free to play Angry Birds title is now available on the App Store. Angry Birds Go! is a soapbox racing game which features all your favorite Angry Birds characters such as Red, Stella, Moustache Pig and more.

Angry Birds Go!

The game takes place on Piggy Island and allows you to build and race over 50 soapbox cars on various racetracks. Players can choose to use touch-based or tilt-based controls to steer their kart, and select between three difficulty levels for all the different stages. The game features many game modes from basic races to Fruit Splat, and it is very easy to play. The game also doesn't require any previous knowledge of the Angry Bird franchise to enjoy.

Angry Birds Creator Teases New Game for Apple and Android Devices

Rovio Entertainment's new publishing label Rovio Stars will release its second game entitled Tiny Thief on July 11. Rovio created Rovio Stars as a way to launch new developers. The first game released under the label was Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage from UK-based studio Nitrome. Icebreaker is a $0.99 physics-based puzzler with 95 levels of ice cutting viking action.

Tiny Theif

Tiny Thief is also a puzzle-solving game, but this one comes from the Barcelona based 5 Ants Studio. The official YouTube description promises 30 puzzles with 85 hidden items for you to steal. Based on the trailer, it looks like the goal is to interact with the environment so you can trigger chain events to uncover the hidden items.

Bad Piggies Adds 15 New Levels plus Record and Share Option

Rovio Entertainment entertainment has added 15 new levels to its Angry Birds spin-off Bad Piggies. Version 1.3.0 also brings some new features, toys, plus the ability to record your best tricks and share them through your favorite social networks.

Bad Piggies for the iPad

Bad Piggies was launched for the iPad and iPhone on September 27, 2012. The game allows users to play as the Angry Birds' nemesis the Bad Piggies. Players must help the Bad Pigs on their quest for food by building them "flying machines" with random objects. The game features more than 120 levels, 8 sandbox levels, and 35 objects to create the ultimate Bad Piggies machine.

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