Userland Jailbreak

Comex Says Suspected iPad 2 Jailbreak "Almost Ready"

We guessed a few days ago that an iPad 2 jailbreak may be getting a release based on a teaser image and tweet posted by Comex, the hacker responsible for the famous userland jailbreak. Today Comex tweeted, "it's almost ready," after one of his followers begged him to release what he had.

comex teaser ipad 2 userland jailbreak

The teaser image posted on Saturday showed a man skiing down a ski run with a sign marked "PDF." The skiing reference is likely a reference to the iPad and iPhone root password 'alpine', and the sign a reference to a new PDF exploit.

Comex Hints iPad 2 Userland Jailbreak Imminent

Many iPad 2 owners have long lamented the lack of a jailbreak for their tablet. Thanks to Apple's A5 processor, bootrom exploits that have been effective for jailbreaking the iPhone 4 are not effective on the iPad 2. To date, no jailbreak exists for the iPad 2. If we're interpreting a "teaser" image dropped by Comex, famed hacker responsible for the userland jailbreak, iPad 2 owners may soon have a way to jailbreak their devices, and an easy, convenient way at that.

comex teaser ipad 2 userland jailbreak
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