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Apple's Latest 'Your Verse' Film Follows the iPad Through Bollywood

If you are unfamiliar with Apple's Your Verse site, it is a collection of inspiring stories and videos about how people use their iPads. So far there is one about deep sea diving with the iPad protected by the iDive case, one about mountaineering on some of the world's highest peaks with the iPad and Gaia GPS, and one about high school coaches using the iPad and an app from the Cleveland Clinic to measure the effects of concussions. Apple has just released the fourth story, which shows how one Bollywood choreographer uses his iPad and several apps to achieve the perfect dance scene.

You Verse Bollywood

Choreographing a Vision in Bollywood focuses on how Feroz Khan, one of Bollywood's most sought after choreographers, uses his iPad Air through the course of creating a dance scene (which are integral to a Bollywood movie). According to Khan, the iPad Air is the perfect tool and allows him to both craft and share his ideas - "an idea can hit me at any time. It helps that my iPad Air is always with me. So I can capture everything that inspires me." This includes everything from picking costumes and props to choosing filming locations. He can easily take pictures and quickly share them with his production crew,

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