iOS 9.2

Updating to iOS 9.2 'might' stop iPad Pro from becoming unresponsive

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Back in November Apple responded to complaints about a bug that was causing some iPad Pro models to stop responding. Apple didn't offer an immediate fix, but the company did release a support document telling iPad Pro owners to restart their device to temporarily deal with the issue.

Apple releases huge iOS 9.2 update with new features and bug fixes [Changelog]

iOS 9.2

Update: Apple has updated its iPad Pro support document with the following message:

"Updating your iPad Pro to iOS 9.2 or later might prevent this issue from occurring in the future."

This in reference to a bug causing some iPad Pro models to become unresponsive.

iOS 9.2 is now available for compatible iPad, iPhone and iPod touch devices. The update fixes a bug that caused the Camera screen on an iPad to sometimes go black when shooting a video, but it did not address the issue causing some iPads to become unresponsive after charging. iOS 9.2 also adds Phone support for the USB Camera Adapter, which explains the new product description on that we discussed earlier this morning. This means iPhone users can now transfer photos and video from an SD Card to their iPhone using Apple's Lightning to USB Camera Adapter.

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