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Windows Network Administration on an iPad

I came across an article describing how an iPad can be used to manage a Windows network using iSSH (which includes VNC) and WinAdmin RDP.

While these apps have been around for a few years for the iPhone they were torture to use on the 3.5" screen. Supposedly there are now HD versions out for the iPad.

Has anyone tried using these on the iPad yet?

Source: http://www.ipadtabletcentral.com/?p=952

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If you don't already know, here:

Gray IPad Freeze screen

So I thought i would open this one up, my wife was watching a tv show using the abc player when the ipad suddenly locked up and went to a gray screen, I dont know if it was the application or the ipad but the home button was not functioning but when I held down the power button the slide to power off icon did appear. I allowed it to power down and upon restart everything seems fine, sounds like software and I did already install the update to the abc player, still seems buggy to me. Let me know what you think or if you have simlar issues.


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