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Streaming flash video has started its slow but painful death.... w LINK

Here is the start of a slow painful death of Streaming flash-based videos.....

I don't think that Flash Websites, or Flash-based animations are going anywhere anytime soon, but Flash converted steaming video (like HULU) will die and be replaced with HTML5 formats.

CBS is beginning the process and the iPad is the conduit.


Most apps in development are games

According to this article, http://www.gamepro.com/article/news/214473/almost-1-2-of-ipad-apps-teste... , most apps under development are games. Is that why most people are buying an iPad? I'm wanting it for productivity and education on the go. I hope there'll be an increase in non-gaming apps than what they show in the article.

Heads Up! - ZAGG is offering a 20% discount on phone orders! They were great to talk to over the phone.

Just talked to ZAGG to see if they were shipping iPad Screen protectors yet.

They are still taking pre-orders, but I couldn't pass up the offer they gave me.

I got the Full body iPad Shield for $27.99! w/ Free Shipping. (Normally $34.99)

I was holding out to get a screen protector to use on the first day with my iPad, but I couldn't pass up the 20% off deal.

They said the shield will ship shortly after the iPad is released.

Customer service...

I have always used a PC. In fact I have never purchased ANYTHING from Apple until I pre-ordered my iPad last week. Just to set the record straight its not that I'm a "hater" or anything :) I have always admired the quality and simplicity of Apple products. But when I called the customer service line yesterday I became a fan. I read on this forum that Apple was going to be late shipping some accessories like the case. So I called Apple and explained that I will need the case because I will be using my iPad in the field.

WiFi only iPad has no GPS chip!

Although it clearly has been plainly stated in the specs since day one, I *just* realized that the WiFi only models have no GPS chips.

This means Maps and other location-based services will have to rely solely on WiFi positioning. I completely failed to realize this.

Seriously considering cancelling my 32GB WiFi pre-order now and upgrading to the 32GB 3G model (which means more waiting).

Did the rest of you who pre-ordered the WiFi only model realize this ahead of time?


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