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AT&T Stores to Sell iPad 3G+WiFi

Via BoyGeniusReport:

"One of our AT&T connects down south just hit us up with some pretty interesting info... According to them, AT&T stores will be selling the 3G version of the Apple iPad, complete with built-in display. We're told that the general plan is to convert one or two existing netbook display sections in each corporate AT&T location into a pretty substantial iPad display area."

Makes sense. Not surprised by this in the least. FYI, anyway.

What do you think, is Hulu coming to the iPad?


As you can see, my reason for skepticism is that if Hulu was planning this, the iPhone is a much larger target and has the same (relatively) reqs from a tech standpoint.

Admittedly, the iPad has the screen size over iPhone, but I don't think that matters. I think iPhone owners would kill for Hulu.

What accessories do you want to see come out for the iPad?

Kanex, maker of Apple accessories, is asking folks to provide input on future iPad accessories. They’re giving away MacWorld 2010 Expo Hall Passes for those to do. http://www.kanexlive.com/blog/2010/01/macworld-expo-hall-pass-giveaw.htm... Can’t wait to see what happens..


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