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any comparable tablet running Android or Linux?

I saw another post/video suggesting that people could get an Android tablet rather than the iPad. Can anyone suggest such a tablet device? I hope such tablet devices running fully open/free software are coming soon if not already available, and at the same $500 price as the iPad, or lower. Any links to details?

Why is everyone so sure there's no multitasking?

All around the web it's the same thing, everyone pissing and moaning about no multitasking... how is everyone so sure the iPad isn't going to multitask?

Sure, they didn't demo it in the announcement but

a) they didn't demo it. they' didn't say it couldn't, so who knows
b) there's 60 days before this thing comes out... how do we know 4.0 w/ multitasking won't be ready by then?

Seems something they'd save to drop a bomb 2 weeks or so before launch ... "guess what everybody ... its even better than we told you before ..."


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