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Real Laether iPad folio

Saludos to everyone.

I am coming to the states this week on vacation from Mexico. I bought an iPad at Best Buy in Mexico City last week, but they have a small assortmert of cases. to be jonest, they do not have too many styles. They have silicone and some hard plastic ones. But, I am looking for some real nice cool looking real leather folios. I love my iPad and i want to have it in a real nice leather case. here in Mexico city there isnt too many places that have accesories.

Any direction where to buy, or any personal recommendations are appreciated. Muchas gracias.

iPad Purse

Okay ladies (and gents if you boys have any ideas) here is a queery for you: I have a number of purses that will fit my iPad but none that just seem "right" for it. The iPad goes in but often it is in the way of getting to other items, blocks compartments, or has to stick out a bit. Do you know of any purses that the iPad will fit in which also will have room for other items (a wallet, pens, make up, digital camera,...), will be able to close around the iPad, and that is not androgenous?

Forums: faulty firewire drives, iPad in the classroom

Today in the MacNN forums, gromit95, a Dedicated MacNNer is looking for assistance with their firewire drive that doesn't want to mount, provide some feedback here. One forum goer is trying to determine what iPad app would be better to use in a classroom setting, VNC or iTeleport and is looking to the forums for some advice.

modulR iPad Case System: First Look, Pictures, Q&A, more ...

I wanted to start a thread related to our first look at the modulR case system. We'll post new some photos as we use modulR more, and also some of our opinions, in advance of our full review.

Here's the first look, for those of you that haven't seen it: modulr iPad Case System: First Look.

Feel free to post any questions you have on modulR, we'll be happy to answer to the best of our ability.


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