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MicroSIM to SIM Adapter

I ordered a few of these today. Since we are getting the iPhone 4's and they take the micro SIM's I wanted to be prepared, in case I want to use my 3GS or the 2G on occasion or worse, an entirely different phone for some reason!

I've done that on occasion when my battery has been flat and I didn't want to use someone else's minutes - dropped my SIM into their phone to make calls, and I really want to have that option just in case.

Anyone else concerned about the new Micro SIM not being compatible with another phone?

iPad Security Case with combination lock

I recently received a product called the iPad Security Case from www.newpcgadgets.com and wanted to recommend it to others that use the iPad for business/

The ability to lock the iPad from others having access is why I bought this product. I would suggest others might be interested if they have the same need.

Anyone Purchased a Case from HandHeldItems?

I see that they are having a big sale on their website for their cases, and I am tempted by the low prices. I am thinking about buying one of the hard shell or TPU cases, and I am wondering about the quality. Their shipping rates also seem pretty reasonable.

FYI, they are also advertising a code good for an additional 20% off til June 30th: "ipadcases20" if anyone is interested...

Any feedback on any of their cases? I am not really interested in getting a leather case, but some of the other ones look nice.

The Belkin 10″ mini bag: My Choice for an iPad Bag

I recently posted on my blog about a bag I purchased for my iPad. It’s not a stylish bag made specifically for the iPad, but I thought I’d post the photos and explanations here because of the functionality of the bag. It won’t be the last one I purchase, but it will do for now.

(You can see photos below.)

The case itself is not as stylish as the more expensive Tom Bihn Ristretto bag ($110) that I might get at a later date. But I got the Belkin bag because of its functionality and price ($29.99). Here’s the criteria I came up with for selecting this bag.

Non-flimsy Silicone Case?

I am looking for a silicone case that fits the iPad well. A lot of the reviews talk about how many of the cases tend to "gap" around the edge of the screen, because silicone is pretty soft and pliable. Has anyone found a silicone case that actually fits snugly?

Also, I see that some of the cases are made of TPU. What exactly is this? Is it a flexible material, or a hard case? Thanks.

Bluetooth Mouse on Woot 5-22-10

Woot.com has a bluetooth mouse on sale today for 12.99 if anyone is interested in them. I went looking after finding out that with a jailbreak, you can use a BT mouse with the iPad, but they are not as easy to find, and what you can find retail is a MS mouse for about $50. You can find some cheaper online, but this is cheaper than anything I found. Certainly cheap enough to get one if you think you might want to try it out with the jailbreak.

anyone know of other bluetooth keyboards?

Has anyone tried OTHER bluetooth keyboards? I have an older stowaway, and the smaller portable stowaway, both work.

the DAY the ipad came out and I realized they would work, I found about 25 in the bay area for sale cheap, but sold them all off. Now, I cannot find others, but wonder if there are other brands that people have tried.

I am sure that companies will release new models soon though.


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