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Info regarding iPad cases...

I just wanted to let everyone know I purchased a 10" "Portable DVD Player" case at Radio Shack for $9.69 in their clearance section. The brand is "icon" and I can't find it online anywere. I can find their "newer" cases...but I'm sure any 10" brand would work well.

Things I'm really liking about it are:

-it was WAY cheap!

-it's black and basic.

-it has two little mesh pockets in the front and I like to keep my earbuds, charger in the pockets.

-it's certainly padded and I feel safe just throwing it in my purse to go

Here's the case I just bought...


...and here's my review:
I just got this from amazon today, and it was exactly what I was looking for. Really nice, and only $25. The material seems very durable and the inside is a soft microfiber to prevent scratches. It has a detachable shoulder strap as well as a sturdy handle to carry it. It also has a few extra pockets for non-bulky items like a phone or airline tickets. It opens with zippers on 2 sides to slide the iPad in.

Switcheasy Nude

I don't think this has been mentioned here, as I couldn't find any thing on search.

Switcheasy Nude is now available for the iPad. It's a thin plastic like shell (similar to the Incipio Feather) from a company that has a good history of iPod/iPhone cases.

It's $29.99, is available in 6 colors and comes with port covers, screen protector, and two collapsible stands.


Screen Protector or Not??

I still can't decide whether to get a screen protector. I had a hard time putting one on my iPhone, and the thought of getting a lot of bubbles on my new iPad is scary. I am curious whether most people are or are not putting a screen protector on. If you are, can you say what brand you chose? It would be really helpful. Thanks.

iPad eBook reader - My review of the product

hey guys, there's been some rumors going around about a program called myPadMedia so I decided to review it after buying my iPad.

I've only been signed up for a few days but it's actually good darn good.

So far I've downloaded the entire Twilight Series and even the comic book to Kick-Ass (which by the way if you haven't seen yet... you NEED to!).

Here's the link to try out the program - http://budurl.com/ipadmedia

Has anyone else tried it yet?


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