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Apple's iPad Case - Opinion required

Correct me if I'm wrong but during the Keynote when the iPad was announced the Case was in leather, or not?
At the moment I'm seeing so many very mixed reviews of Apple's case and I made the mistake (or not) of ordering it online together with my iPad and it should arrive this week. Does anyone have it that could give a nice objective overview on it?

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Speck PixelShield Question

Let me start by saying I know this is a strange question...
When I was in the two apple stores in Honolulu, I was looking at the piles of PixelShields that they are selling. In both stores, the PixelShields have a very strong "chemical" odor to them--I mean, it was enough to make me not buy one!

Have people noticed the same issue with other apple stores, or is it just the ones in Hawaii? Could be that they spent too long on the ship coming over here, and the heat did something to them. I am just curious about this. Thanks.

Bag: Tom Bihn Ristretto for iPad **PICS**

I was looking for a new bag to transport my iPad along with my other necessities. I already have a custom Timbuk2 Classic Messenger (Small), and considered getting one of the newer XS ones. Overall, I like the Timbuk2 bag, but my main complaints are that the strap length is too short, and the shoulder pad moves too much (find myself adjusting it constantly). I decided to get something else.

I ended up going for the Tom Bihn Ristretto for iPad (Black/Steel). The bag was smaller than I imagined, but it has a good amount of compartments and looks like its going to carry everything I need.


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